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Maintaining water and electrolyte balance in any animal is unquestionably one of the most important factors affecting how much "Bloom" he possesses on sale or show day. This is especially important when considering how much stress is placed on a show animal when "Pulling" it to make weight or enhance appearance, clipping, handling or hauling prior to any show.

When water loss occurs, muscle cells become dehydrated and flattened causing an animal to loose his shape and bloomy appearance. The use of a properly formulated electrolyte product is a safe and economical way to prevent or correct dehydration and nutrition imbalances in show animals.

Introducing HYDRATORx™ Premier Nutrition is proud to announce the release of its new Fluid Replacement System HYDRATORx™ . HYDRATORx™ is scientifically formulated to be used to replenish vital nutrients in show animals during times of stress including prior to, during and after show time. It's an extremely palatable blend of water soluble electrolytes, rapid absorbable energy sources, amino acids, and non-digestive Poly and Oligosaccharides all combined to ensure your animal's appearance is optimized on show day.

What makes HYDRATORx™ work? Electrolytes - HYDRATORx™ contains all the key electrolytes necessary to ensure your animals stay properly hydrated during times of stress or are rehydrated quickly after "pulling" the animal to make a specific weight class. These include the four essential cations (positive charged particles): sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium, which are required by tissue for proper fluid balance. Also included are the key anions (negative charged particles) in the form of bicarbonate, phosphate, and chloride. This combination of cation and anion help to maintain the fluid levels in blood vessels, tissues, and cells of the body thus ensuring your animals muscle cells are full to give them that fresh and bloomy appearance.

Energy Sources - HYDRATORx™ also contains several different sources of energy to provide a steady energy release to the animal. These sources are centered on dextrose and acetate, which are rapidly absorbed thus providing the animal with an immediate source of carbohydrate energy. The specific energy blend in HYDRATORx™ also promotes overall animal vigor and general health.

Amino Acids - Amino acids were included to aid in the penetration and rapid uptake of key electrolytes into muscle cells to promote cell volume. Research clearly shows a significant increase in the absorption of water and salt (Na+ and Cl-) can be achieved by combining the amino acid glycine along with dextrose, acetate, and citrate. HYDRATORx™ contains all of these key ingredients.

Vitamins - Two important vitamins, vitamin C and calcium pantothenate, were included in the formula to aid in the overall health of the intestinal.

Poly and Oligosaccharides and Probiotics- Several years of large scale studies in Europe testing a new product called Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) have shown that at least equal results in performance can be obtained by feeding FOS without using standard antibiotic additives. FOS is a highly soluble spray-dried powder form of inulin from chicory. It contains a mixture of oligosaccharides and polyaccharides made of fructose units linked together. FOS, when used properly, can provide a valuable alternative to the use of antibiotics due to its inhibitory action against intestinal pathogens. Most important, however, is the incidence and severity of intestinal disorders is substantially reduced. This particularly comes in handy when stressing your animal's which is when you tend to see an increase in intestinal disorders such as scouring.

How do I mix and feed HYDRATORx™? Mix HYDRATORx™ in the drinking water in one of the following ways: 1. Dissolve 3 full scoops (Appr. 3 ounces) in ½ gallon of warm (100ºF) water OR 2. Dissolve 6 full scoops (Appr. 6 ounces ) in 1 gallon of warm (100ºF) water OR 3. Dissolve 15 full scoops (Appr. 1.1 lb) in 2.5 gallon of warm (100ºF) water

HYDRATORx™ should be administered in the water of animals being held or conditioned for shows starting 3-4 days before hauling and while at the show. It can be fed as a "Top Dress" on the show diet to encourage feed intake and provide additional nutrients.

HYDRATORx™ - The Ultimate Fluid Replacement System for Show Animals All the right results come with feeding all the right ingredients. HYDRATORx™ contains all the key rehydrating agents you need to keep your show animals looking their best - and rapid soluble carbohydrates as energy donors to keep them going. HYDRATORx™ also contains ingredients to produce a gut soothing effect and improve water and electrolytes uptake by intestinal and muscle tissues. All of these ingredients are combined in one highly palatable product that helps ensure your show animals shape and definition are optimally expressed on show day. Don't let this part of your feeding program be the missing link. Order your HYDRATORx™ today.... How Do I Order HYDRATORx™? To purchase HYDRATORx™, enter the number of units you wish to order above. After words, click on the order button and you will be led to our shopping cart review area. You can either start checking out or continue shopping. When you are finished shopping, click on "view order" and you can start the checkout process. The price listed above is for HYDRATORx™ in a 5 pound jar.