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Premier Nutrition’s Solution for Feeding Paylean…

When it comes to designing new and novel feed supplement formulations, Premier Nutrition is clearly leading the way in the livestock show feed industry. We pride ourselves on interpreting new technologies (like Paylean™) and providing this in a convenient and cost effective feed supplement. That’s why we are excited to introduce you to the newest and MOST Revolutionary member of our winning product team, Final Forxce. It is the first product of its kind to combine Ractopamine HCl (Paylean™), L-Carnitine, and Chromium Tri-picolinate all in one complete package. Final Forxce’s formula is precisely engineered to provide maximum support for protein synthesis and lean muscle growth to help ensure your animals express their full genetic potential.

Final Forxce is centered around Ractopamine

Final Forxce's formula is built around ractopamine (Paylean) technology. The level of ractopamine included inFinal Forxce is research derived. When evaluating Paylean™ research two things jump out. The optimal response in carcass characteristics is obtained at the 9 gram/ton level. Also, pigs fed this 9 g/ton level are lucky to eat 6 lb. of feed per day. Based on this information one can estimate the milligrams of ractopamine a pig needs daily. It appears for a maximum response pigs require up to 27 milligrams (9 g/ton of Paylean™ X 6 lbs of feed X 2000 lbs in a ton of feed = .027 grams X 1000 gives you 27 milligrams) of ractopamine provided by Paylean™ per day. Thus, by feeding 2 ounces of Final Forxce (along with 5.88 lb. of a 16% crude protein feed), pigs will receive this 27 milligrams of Paylean™

L-Carnitine and Chromium synergistically aid Paylean in fatty acid and amino acid metabolism.

To help supercharge Paylean’s mode of action of increasing fatty acid breakdown and directing nutrients toward protein synthesis for muscle growth we added two key ingredients. They are L-Carnitine and Chromium Tri-picolinate. We would like to point out that the added levels of these two ingredients are similar to those found in our popular Millennium™ product. The reason L-carnitine is added is to assist Paylean™ in the shuttling of fatty acids to the cell so they can be broken down for energy. The trace mineral Chromium Tri-picolinate is added to help optimize glucose and amino acid uptake at the cellular level (remember Paylean™ makes more nutrients available to be put into muscle protein). Essentially, Paylean™, L-Carnitine and Chromium work through completely different pathways. Thus, we speculate that when added together they can work synergistically with each other producing even greater responses than could be achieved individually. The improvement in feed efficiency by these three products alone will more than likely pay for feeding Final Forxce in feed cost savings since pigs will consume less feed to put on a pound of gain.

Do other supplement products that contain Paylean™ include L-carnitine and Chromium?

Because L-carnitine and Chromium are expensive ingredients, more than likely you will not find products containing all three. What you might find are companies offering two different products in order to obtain L-Carnitine, Chromium, and Paylean™. One product will contain some Paylean™ with the other product containing the L-Carnitine and Chromium. At Premier Nutrition we don’t try to sell you two different products. We designed Final Forxce to complement Paylean™ and included these key ingredients due to L-Carnitine’s and Chromium Tri-picolinate’s key role in fatty acid and amino acid metabolism. This is all packaged in a 5 lb. or 10 lb. resealable bucket.

Protein and Amino Acid needs

Now that we have discussed some of the important ingredients in Final Forxce let’s discuss its nutrient profile starting with crude protein. As already shown, research demonstrates that a high level of crude protein (a minimum of 16%) and lysine (first limiting amino acid in swine diets) must be fed in conjunction with Paylean™ to help support the demand for muscle tissue growth. Remember protein and amino acids are what help muscle tissue grow. Final Forxce contains a minimum of 45% crude protein and provides over 5 grams of lysine intake at the 4 ounce per day feeding level. Also, Final Forxce contains the highest quality rotein sources currently available including Appetein™. It’s further enhanced with key levels of essential amino acids, lysine, methionine, threonine, tryptophan, and isoleucine for one of the most complete amino acid profiles available. Thus, when it comes to protein and amino acid supplementation, Final Forxce helps provide the needed levels to support Paylean’s increased protein and amino acid demand.

Energy Needs

Energy density is also a concern. One might expect that when pigs are fed Paylean™, they would require higher levels of energy to support the large amount of muscle being deposited. Based on this, we made sure Final Forxce contained supplemental energy coming from both long and medium chain fatty acids. This ensures the energy is there to help support optimal muscle growth.

Vitamin Fortification levels

As we have seen, Paylean™ forces the animal to require more nutrients. This also includes vitamins. Final Forxce is fortified with key essential vitamins containing higher levels of all key antioxidants, which are vitally important for the increase growth rate in muscle tissue caused by feeding Paylean™, L-carnitine, and Chromium. We even increased the level of thiamin due to research suggesting that adding thiamin to diets helps to increase the response to compounds like Paylean™.

How about Minerals?

Speaking of vitamins, we cannot leave out the important minerals found in Final Forxce. Data suggests feeding ractopamine might lower the bone content of pigs, expressed as an individual bone weight and accretion rate per day. (Bark, 1990). Thus, one would expect the calcium and phosphorus needs of pigs fed Paylean™ to increase. To ensure problems don't arise, Final Forxce is supplemented with high levels of calcium and phosphorus. It is also fortified with high levels of vitamin D, which is important in bone growth. We didn’t stop there. We also included zinc methionine (being supplied by Zinpro 180) to help enhance structural soundness. This product combined with key vitamins will help alleviate any joint and sore pad problems. To date, pigs offered Final Forxce have not had ANY of these problems.

Electrolytic balance is Key

Final Forxce also contains a powerful "electrolyte package" to provide pigs with the optimal level of sodium, potassium, and chloride to help maintain tissue water balance when placed under periods of stress. Also, since muscle tissue is comprised of nearly 67-70% water, pigs fed Final Forxce fortified with Paylean™ will require more water in the tissue due to the increase in muscle mass. The "electrolyte package" included in Final Forxce should help solve this concern.

Calming Agents

We also know pigs that are typically heavy muscled are sometimes "high strung" so to say. Couple this with Paylean speeding up your pigs metabolism (due to the increase in the burning of fat) and your pigs may require some type of calming agent. Thus, to help with this situation we included key calming agents to the package. This also should help with the stress placed on the animals when hauling and showing.

Providing You with Flexibility

The last benefit we've added is neither an ingredient nor nutrient. It simply is called flexibility. Final Forxce provides you the flexibility to fit the amount of Paylean™ offered on a daily basis to match your animal's genetic capacity. If you already have an ultra-lean pig, you might want to consider starting pigs on one ounce per day (provides 4.5 g/ton level of Paylean) along with 5.94 lbs. of a 16% crude protein feed. By feeding the 2 ounces per day (supplies 9 g/ton level of Paylean), you might make your pig too heavy muscled for most judges. We also want to point out that you will probably see many complete feeds that contains 9 gram/ton of Paylean™. This doesn't allow you the opportunity to adjust the amount of Paylean™ being offered to each individual pig. Since we know all pigs are genetically different, Final Forxce will allow you the flexibility to hand fit their daily needs.

Taking the Guess Work out of Feeding Paylean

As you can see, Final Forxce is formulated with the most scientifically balanced knowledge currently available. We feel Final Forxce has taken the guesswork out of feeding Paylean technology to your individual show pigs.


We are convinced that this combination of Paylean™, L-Carnitine, Chromium Tri-picolinate, quality proteins, high levels of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and calming agents is the best feeding technology currently available to the show pig industry. In fact, we are so confident in Final Forxce technology that we Guarantee it will add muscle growth to your pig or we will refund your money*. Don't wait and end up getting beat at your county or state shows or missing out on the sale. "Be a FORxCE in the Final Drive" order Final Forxce today.

Feeding Directions:

We recommend feeding our original Millennium product from 50 to 150 lbs to maximize muscle deposition through this important growing phase. One must still remember that between 70- 80% of the muscle present at show time on your pig will be developed during this period of growth. If you neglect this phase and wait until you can officially feed Final Forxce you will be missing a large part of the puzzle. After 150 lbs, we recommend switching to Final Forxce for the last 30 or so days before your show. Due to the potent products in Final Forxce, the amount used will depend upon how much muscle your pig already expresses. Please follow the below feeding directions. When mixing Final Forxce by the ton, please ensure Final Forxce is mixed with the appropriate amount of a finishing diet containing a minimum of 16% crude protein as shown below. For example, to obtain the 9 gram/ton level of ractopamine one must mix 2 ounces (56.70 grams) of Final Forxce with 5.88 lbs of a show pig feed (16% protein or higher). Please mix thoroughly before feeding.

Mixing by tons
Mixing by pounds
Millennium - Final Forxce, lb
2 oz/1 oz
Feed (16% protein or higher), lb
Total lbs.
Ractopamine g/ton
Caution: Not for use in breeding swine. FINAL FORxCE should not be fed Undiluted. Not to be offered to Ruminant animals.

one ounce = 28.35 grams.

Limitations for use: Feed continuously as sole ration. Ractopamine hydrochloride should be fed in a complete swine ration containing at least 16% crude protein from 150 lb (68 kg) to 240 lbs. (109 kg).