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Protein Nutrition For Show Lambs, Goats, and Steers

Ruminant animals (cattle, sheep, goats, etc...) are uniquely suited to obtain a major portion of their protein needs from both dietary sources or protein derived from microbes (bacteria, protozoa, etc...) which flourish in the stomach (rumen). Although not always appreciated, rumen microbes make upnearly 40% of the non-ammonia nitrogen available for absorption into the blood stream. Therefore, both sources are important contributors to the total protein needs of the animal. Recent research has shown that rumen by-pass proteins provide additional nutritional support beyond that which is associated with normal degradable and microbial protein sources.

These data should not be construed to the point that ruminal by-pass proteins make up the primary focus of protein nutrition. On the contrary, the benefits of ruminal by-pass proteins are rarely seen except during periods of high production, performance, and/or stress. These reasons are precisely why the nutritionists at Premier Nutrition Technologies developed ByPass 2000; the all-new rumen-bypass protein supplement developed exclusively for high-performance show lambs, goats, and steers.

The Next Generation in Rumen By-Pass Technology!

ByPass 2000 has established itself as the leader in By-Pass protein technology for the livestock show industry. We speculate more champions (sheep, goats, and steers) have been fed ByPass 2000 than any other protein supplement on the market. Recent champions include either Grand or Reserve Grand at the American Royal (two years in a row), LA State Fair, Arksarben, NM State Fair and the list goes on and on (click here for a more detailed list). The reason it helped put these animals in the winner's circle is shown below.

ByPass 2000 is UNIQUE

When developing a top-quality rumen by-pass supplement it is important to consider the qualities of several differing ingredients. ByPass 2000 contains a balance of highly digestible rumen by-pass protein sources that supply the animal a proper ratio of by-pass amino acids to assure maximal muscle expression is achieved. ByPass 2000 offers 4 unique ingredients with varying levels of rumen by-pass protein. We don't stop there. ByPass 2000 is fortified with the MOST scientifically balanced Anti-oxidant Package currently available in a product of this kind. Clearly, an essential component of any supplement formulated for high-performance animals.


ByPass 2000 is a quality nutritional protein supplement for all phases of lamb & calf growth, however, it best suited for animals during at least three particular instances of the feeding cycle: 1.During periods of rapid growth when microbial and digestible protein availability may be limiting. ByPass 2000 will provide additional essential proteins (amino acids) during this period of growth stress. 2. During the holding phase when lambs and calves are being offered a restricted diet in an attempt to limit growth late in the feeding cycle. 3. During periods of stress which may result in a catabolic condition (muscle protein breakdown) such as; hauling, exercising, and/or extreme fluctuations in weather.


ByPass 2000 should be fed daily as a nutritional supplement along with a quality, complete nutritional program. For more information on ByPass 2000 visit our frequently asked questions page.

Suggested Feeding Rates

growing lambs
1/2 ounce
holding lambs
1 ounce
growing steers
1 ounce
holding steers
2 ounce
1/2 ounce