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Questions for MILLENNIUM

  1. What is Millennium Technologies™ and how should it to be fed?
  2. What is the best complete diet to use with Millennium?
  3. How much Millennium do I add to a ton of complete feed mixed on farm?
  4. What are the key ingredients in Millennium and what do they do?
  5. What are typical results you can expect to see by using Millennium?
  6. What is the ratio of L-Carnitine and Chromium in Millennium?
  7. Can you use Millennium when HOLDING your pig?
  8. Will Millennium help bloom the tops on pigs that I plan to sell at Duncan?
  9. Is Millennium natural and safe, and is there a withdrawal period ?
  10. What is the cost to feed Millennium per head per day?
  11. Where is the closest Millennium Dealer to me?
What is Millennium Technologies™ and how should it to be fed?
Answer. Millennium Technologies™ is a feed supplement that provides high performance show pigs the additional balance of essential amino acids, chelated minerals, L-carnitine, and chromium its system requires to grow. Millennium was developed for the specific purpose of giving the feeder an additional nutritional tool to help ensure their pigs express their maximum genetic potential. Millennium contains the optimal ratio of L-carnitine and chromium tripicolinate, thus helps pigs express maximum muscle development and carcass leanness. Millennium should be fed as a top dress to animals already being fed a complete diet. For ideal results, we suggest feeding ½ ounce per day per head starting pigs at 80 lbs and maintaining this until show day. 

What is the best complete diet to use with Millennium?
Answer. There are many growing - finishing feeding programs offered by your local feed dealer.  The program used will basically depend upon availability and cost.  We have a lot of people using a more economical feed along with Millennium and are very satisfied.  We also have feeders which feed Millennium along with the more expensive brands and are happy as well.  The bottom line is Millennium complements just about any complete feed program. 

How much Millennium do I add to a ton of complete feed if I am mixing on the farm using a grinder-mixer.?
Based upon the daily recommended intake of Millennium, you should add 3-4 lbs of Millennium to a ton of complete feed.

What are the key ingredients in Millennium and what do they do?
The key ingredients in Millennium are:
  1. L-Carnitine - a vitamin-like nutrient that is involved in transporting fatty acids from outside mitochondrial cells to inside these cells so the fat can be burned for energy.  Without L-carnitine fatty acids are not broken down.  Research clearly demonstrates that carnitine accelerates the breakdown of fat while maintaining muscle mass.
  2. Chromium Tripicolinate - an organic form of chromium that’s involved in carbohydrate, lipid, protein and nucleic acid metabolism.  Research has proven chromium maximizes the delivery of energy through the blood glucose transport system to other parts of the body, thereby maximizing the efficiency of this energy transport system (Converting fat to lean).
  3. Lysine - classified as an essential amino acid, it is the first limiting amino acid in practically all growing-finishing swine diets.  Research at many different land grant universities have shown the importance of lysine for maximizing growth and muscle development in all growing-finishing swine.
  4. Methionine - an important essential amino acid for swine.  This amino acid plays an important role in the formation of RNA and DNA.  Recent research shows higher levels of Methionine improve muscle mass and carcass leanness.
  5. Organic Trace Minerals - Millennium contains a combination of both macro and micro chelated minerals to compensate for the deficiencies of even the highest quality of complete feeds.  Also, chelated minerals are used to guarantee your animals receive the highest quality of trace minerals.
  6. Unique proteins - The unique proteins and supplemental amino acid combination utilized in Millennium aids in reducing fat while maintaining existing muscle development.  This provides a high quality protein source that is very digestible, thus helping to guarantee the animal’s muscle cells have the appropriate ratio of amino acids to support optimal muscle development. 

What are typical results you can expect to see by using Millennium?

Research data supports that ingredients in Millennium help promote*

+ better muscle development by increasing loin muscle area (for bigger, more massive top shape)

+ aids in reducing backfat thickness (producing leaner pigs)

+ better feed conversion (requires less feed to produce a pound of weight gain)

+ better bloom by improving muscle development

+ better immune function (improves the overall health of an animal when hauling frequently to jackpot shows)

+ reduces muscle breakdown (maintains muscle mass and shape when holding or limit feeding animals)

+ better gluconeoginic function (increases stamina and recovery time, and reduction in muscle fatigue)

+ aids in bloom and overall freshness. 

You mentioned Millennium has an appropriate ratio of L-Carnitine and Chromium Tripicolinate. Do other feed additive products that contain L-Carnitine and Chromium have the same ratio?
Other products typically use a combination of L-carnitine and chromium tripicolinate recommended for a standard commercial diet.  Millennium levels for these ingredients are much different.  Before launching Millennium, it was tested in the field on high performance show pigs (not standard commercial pigs).  What was found by altering the ratio of L-carnitine and chromium typically found in commercial practice was, that even better results were seen. We base our levels on a mg per day intake basis, meaning our levels are much more defined than some of the current "copy cats".  Remember, at Premier Nutrition, we focus on manufacturing high quality feed supplement products, and do not skimp on ingredients. Thus, you can be confident when using Millennium that the correct level of carnitine and chromium are included for your animals. 

Can you use Millennium when HOLDING your pig?
Answer. YES!!!  Millennium is a MUST for animals being restricted on intake and thus, need additional nutrients.  The concentrated levels of unique proteins, free amino acids, L-carnitine and chromium combined in Millennium help aid in maintaining existing muscle shape and expression.  The last thing you want to do is lose that top-shape you have worked so hard to obtain in your animal a couple of weeks before the big show.  The concentrated levels of nutrients in Millennium help ensure this does not happen to your 4-H or FFA project animals.

Will Millennium help bloom the tops on my pigs that I plan to sell at the Duncan Pig Sale this fall?
Answer. We have many customers who feed Millennium to their nursery pigs to ensure the pigs have that shape and "POP" that makes them look hard and fresh for the sales.  Millennium will help give your pigs that bloomy look that commands the attention of potential buyers.  If you want to ensure your pigs look right for the buyers at Duncan, try top dressing with Millennium starting 2 to 3 weeks out.

Is Millennium natural and safe, and is there a withdrawal period?
Answer. Millennium is an all natural product that is perfectly safe to feed to all classes of swine.  There is NO withdrawal period prior to slaughter. 

Can we feed Millennium™ after my pigs reach 240 lbs?
Answer. Yes. Remember, Millennium™ is an all-natural product that can be fed throughout the pigs life cycle. We highly recommend starting to top dress pigs Millennium™ immediately after removing them from FINAL FORxCE™ if they go past this 240 lb limit.

What is the cost to feed Millennium per head per day?
Answer. $0.35/day based upon ½ ounce serving per head per day.

I would like to know if there is a Millennium distributor close to me.
Answer. Click Here for our Distributor list or call us at 806-481-2000 to get the dealer closest to you.
For a more in depth technical review of Millennium Technologies please click on the Technical Information link below. It includes scientific references supporting the products contained in Millennium. If you have additional questions please contact us via EMAIL or contact one of our distributors directly.

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