About Us

Our Commitment

We at Premier Nutrition Technologies understand that in the evolving field of nutritional technology, the best way to predict the future is to invent it. Our mission is to create state of the art feed supplements based on the latest scientific research that can ensure your animals express their true genetic potential. Premier Nutrition was the first company to bring a nutritional product combining L-Carnitine and Chromium Tri-Picolinate to the livestock show industry. The product is called Millennium Technologies™ and has established itself as a feed supplement that makes a difference you can see and feel. Our next generation in the Millennium family is called FINAL FORxCE. It is the first product to combine scientifically proven levels of Paylean, L-carnitine, and Chromium Tri-Picolinate. We are the first company to bring these types of exclusive nutritional concepts to the world wide web. Our goal is to provide our numerous list of satisfied customers with an array of scientifically sound nutritional products which augment a properly designed feeding program. We are committed to provide research data from reputable sources which prove the effectiveness, legitimacy and rational behind any formulation or product we manufacture. We take pride in our values and the quality of our products and will continue to strive to provide you with cutting edge products that ensure your high performance animal reaches its maximum genetic potential.